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Beside visual effect

of displacement sacadas allow travelling of axis during giros and uses of the spaces normally unavailable for use as they are taken by one of the partners. Sacadas open tones of completely new possibilities.

What is the difference between entrada, sacada and gancho? Every time you hear this question it catches you by surprise and you think I shall know that, but why this question even includes this 3 elements together? It’s like comparing apples with oranges.

Entrada, sacada or gancho?

In truth though they have a lot in common. Gancho goes towards the standing leg so the free leg can hook around. Both entrada and sacada aim toward the free leg so it can be displaced. Entrada and sacada differ only by how deep free leg enters into the partner’s space. In other words entrada can be called a shallow sacada.

Sometimes both terms are used exchangeable. Entrada however doesn’t really disturb the path of the free leg. It’s almost like Leader’s leg takes over the Followers free leg position that she just left. It can be done Leader to Follower or Follower to Leader.